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new movie!

2008-07-10 01:55:50 by Raptros

Hey everyone, id like to tell u about my new kirby movie...First off I'd like to say ive honestly improved since my "Kirby unleashed". THis one has new effects and fighting sequences which are probably like Mario bros Z fights which my new kirby movie's fighting sequences are influenced by minus the mario characters. This one is a crossover and NOT a sequel to my first movie but it will feature references from my 1st movie..Possibly 2 and one of them will probably seem explicitly random to understand to most people if they haven't seen "Kirby unleashed". If the story seems like it is being VERY much like the Mario bros Z series then I will change a few things up in the sequel becuz Iam planning to make this a trilogy at for a start. To the few who really like my 1st film I will make a Kirby unleashed 2 if they really want me to...I will but it won't come quick since iam working on a few other projects like ones for the collabs iam in to help me animate better! :D I've submited one to the Blob Collab who i'd like to thank for being my first collab and the rest Ive made parts for the Blob collab's sequel and the 100 frame
skate collab atm. Alright ill get back to ya'll later and if u want a preview of my new kirby movie then just pm me...THANKS!


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2008-07-14 23:24:26

Sounds cool. Kirby fight scenes are awesome. So when you say crossover, do you mean crossover like in Mario Bros. Z where there's Mario and Sonic?

Raptros responds:

indeed I do mean by that but with sonic characters mainly...I wud have Mario but I had a better idea with Shadow in it but I still like MArio overall more than Sonic and Shadow ...Maybe in the future since I thought Mario and Kirby make a good team


2008-07-22 23:42:00

it was actually pretty good. wonder why it got a low score

Raptros responds:

there was one 2/10 so I believe that weighed it down as well :[. Iam improving anyways =]


2008-08-08 16:26:20