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Entry #5

Gaming galore!

2008-11-23 13:42:46 by Raptros

Oh Man, theres a shitload of games this year...Gears 2 and COD5..Got em but COD 5 isnt as great as COD 4 but acceptable..for now. I then got LEft 4 Dead and that is just amazing as most valve games are, man I'd play it on PC but iam lazy so I play it on 360 like the loser iam. Oh ya btw, if anyone wants to add me to their 360 my gamertag is raptros360(I know uncreative). Now, I gotta get Mirror's edge, MK vs DC and Fallout 3...Sadly I traded Fallout 3 for COD 5, Possibly my biggest mistake this whole year! Damn gaming industry...Oh well thats what christmas is for right?

Gaming galore!


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