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2008-02-28 22:11:06 by Raptros

Yo, Im raptros.. I make flash but im getting used to it, I made Kirby unleashed and making a sequel at the moment. Im also working on a new series called "the Screwheads" based on a comic I made so I hope that goes along well...
Thats all for now!



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2008-06-28 22:53:09

I have watched Kirby Unleashed and I do think it should have a bigger score. It was actually pretty cool. I always did like Kirby despite how I've only played three of his games. Only one of which is an actual adventure he has. Kirby 64.

Raptros responds:

Gracias Gustavos, Ur the first comment who wasn't a vulgar insult (Betty) but that guy is like...A shared account or something lol!